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Mohamed contacted me at the beginning of July. He was planning to propose to his girlfriend while they were visiting Venice on September. He was looking for something romantic and unusual. Proposal on the gondola was a great suggestion for him. It was a really great location for a proposal. After he booked with me, we started planning details of his proposal.

Can you help me to arrange a proposal on the gondola?

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Yes!!!! Of course, I can! We choose a gondola station with Mohamed as the meeting point. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend after about 10 minutes of the ride. The route of the gondola depends on the gondola station. The gondolas make a circle coming back to the starting point. It's very important to know the exact route to plan the proposal. You can trust me, I know them very well and can help you to choose the right spot for your proposal in Venice. I sent to Mohamed the location of the bridge from Google Maps. After that bridge I was waiting him with my camera, ready to capture the moment.

 Proposal and honeymoon Venice photographer

They were coming in Venice from Milan and Moe said to his girlfriend that he has booked a gondola tour. Actually we were planning to make the proposal close to the sunset when the light is so soft and beautiful. Checking the forecasts some days before we saw that there was a big probability of the rain. We rescheduled his proposal photo shoot and the arrangement for the gondola for the noon. We were using WhatsApp application to communicate with Moe. Venice is like a labyrinth. Sometimes you can be lost in this beauty. He texted me when he was close to the meeting point. I had a picture of him and his girlfriend, and he had a picture of me. We recognised each other without problems and after they took the gondola ride.

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Did she say "Yes"?

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Yes!!!!!!! I asked the gondolier to say to the couple that they are close to one special bridge. It was a sign to Mohamed. He knew that he should propose after this "very special" bridge. Everything went smoothly, the moment was captured perfectly! She was crying and kissing him! And she said "yes"! In some minutes I joined him on the gondola and we finished the ride together. After we went to some hidden alleys. Even it was middle of the day, we got great pictures without crowds of tourists on the background.  

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I love shooting proposals and hope to capture also yours! Planning and arrangement of some additional details like gondola, flowers, violinist is something that I really like. Venice is a magic place for a special moment. Let me help you to make the moment perfect.

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