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Quinceanera photo shoot is an amazing experience for girls. Today’s trend is taking stunning pictures at places that you wouldn’t ever imagine. Make your photo session an unforgettable experience with your Venice Photographer on venetian gorgeous locations. The city offers a variety of amazing places with famous architecture, authentic yards, small bridges, pretty water canals, backgrounds with gondolas and boats. Talk to your photographer sometime before the photo shoot. Your photographer should have knowledge of your Quinceanera theme, tell him about your personality. This will give your photographer more ideas of what you are looking for and what kind of pictures works better for you. Make your Quinceanera unforgettable booking your Venice photo shoot.  


How many hours should I book?

The most popular package is a 3 hours session in Venice. Three-hour photo session means you can cover at least two areas, such as St Mark's Square with gorgeous venetian architecture, the area of authentic Venice with bridges, canals and cozzy streets, and make also the gondola ride. The gondola ride is amazing for the pictures. It's duration is 30 min, and the gondola makes a circule passing some part of Grand Canal and then an area with very small narrow canals. 

I advise to bring 2-3 outfits to create different looks for your pictures. It's possible to change the outfits in a bar or a coffe shop. Don't forget about accessories - sunglasses, belts, flowers and crowns. They will bring something special to your look.

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Some tips for a successful photo shoot

Turtle head

For quinceañera photos that will be taken from the front, move your head straight out like a turtle, away from your neck, to make your neck look slimmer. This doesn't work for other angles! Only for front photos!

Show me your hands

Make sure your hands are always visible! The dress could be very big and it might block your hands sometimes, just be mindful of it that you don’t want to look like you are missing an arm or fingers.


Do not slouch. All people do it, but try not to for your quinceañera photos. Remember you are a queen, and queens have amazing posture. Try to show me elegance with your body.

Some other tips

  • If it is a sunny day and the sun is blinding you, close your eyes until your photographer is ready to take the picture. Ask your photographer to count "one, two, three".
  • Make sure your personality shines through, don't make fake smiles. Try to imagine something that you like. Gelato, for example. This will make your eyes brighter and smile more natural.
  • Make sure you are hydrate, and you eat at least a snack and drink some water. Hydration is very important for your skin. 
  • Remember that you are amazing. Today you are the main Princess of the Ball! Enjoy the photo shoot.


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When is the best time for a quinceanera photo shoot?

A lot of clients want to book the photo session in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, it's the worst time for the pictures.  Early morning or late afternoon is the best time for a session. During the sunrise all famous touristic locations of Venice are empty and it's possible to take amazing pictures in such places like St Mark's Square, Doge's Palace, St Mark's Basilica, ancient galleries with arches, Bridge of Sights. During the sunrise you can see the real beauty of the city and pose without crowds of tourists on the background. It helps a lot to relax and get the best result from the photo shoot.

Sunset is good time for authentic places that you will discover with your quinceanera Venice photographer.  If you think more towards places with small pretty bridges, alleys, canals and cozy streets, then you can choose late afternoon photo shoot. We can add also a gondola ride. The price for a private gondola ride is 80 euros. After 6:30 pm it is 100 euros for 30 min ride. I can help you to arrange the gondola that will be amazing for your quinceanera photo shoot.